New members in our team !!

Say hello to our new members. 3 guys have joined our party.

  1. Michał Jaskulski from Poland – Coordinator and manager of statistics. He sometimes makes 3d models for game projects. He is the strongest member from all of us. He really like training with Mr. Filip Kromski in the gym. Michał Jaskulski Facebook:
  2. Huber Wójcikowski from Poland – Master and main music compositor. He is very positive person and he smiles very often. His music is available on Soundcloud: Facebook:
  3. Filip Kromski from Poland – Main programmer and initiator of NERIONITY EXCELLENT DEVELOPMENT. He likes hard work and dogs. This wesbite is made by him and actually this post too. My Facebook:

Nerionity keeps growing and we are ready for new challenges. Have a nice day.